Kayumanis Nanjing Private Villa & Spa profile

2024/2/6 18:44:45
The Kayumanis\ Nanjing\ Private\ Villa\ &\ Spa (Nanjing Xiangzhang Huaping Wenquandujia Bieshu) is a 5-star hotel located in the Tang Shan Hot Springs and within easy reach of a local golf club. Guests will benefit from the private hot spring and other luxury amenities available in villas.Nine is Kayumanis' signature restaurant and serves a combination of Chinese and European foods. This deluxe Kayumanis\ Nanjing\ Private\ Villa\ &\ Spa is ready to prepare meals according to guests' requests, whether it is a copious breakfast, a barbecue for private gatherings, or a candle-lit dinner for lovers.To unwind, guests may pay a visit to the spa or spend some time in one of hot spring pools.